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Documentation table state

The documentation often refers to a table state. This is the JSON representation of an instance of a smart table.


The table state has different part related to different capabilities of a smart table. Here is its canonical structure

const tableState = {
    sort: {pointer: 'foo', direction: 'asc'},
    slice: {page: 4, size: 25},
    search: {scope: ['foo', 'bar'], value: 'blah'},
    filter: {
        foo: [{operator: 'is', value: 'blah', type: 'string'}]

When we use the "sort part" of the table state we refer to the object defined by the sort property of the table state

These parts can be the empty object {} and default values will be used instead

Normally you should not modify yourself the table state and you should rather call the table directive api