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A table component built with Smart table

This is an advanced example of a table component using smart-table and other libraries.


The data set is made of 25000 items.

Some properties are nested and have different types (String, Number, Date, Enum).

The degree of entropy varies from one property to the other: the most chaotic property being the date of birth.


Some cells have em elaborated templates


The top input provides a full text search scoped to the surname and name columns and is case sensitive.


Every column can be ordered with the following particularities


Every column can expand a filter pop up menu withe the following particularities


you can edit the data


The table is accessible by keyboard more or less as specified by the WAI Aria guide


The footer contains a summary of the data set, buttons to navigate from one page to the other and a select input to change the page size


The whole (unoptimized) bundle weights less than 9kb including the view framework ... difficult to beat ! If you can, I'll buy you a mojito next time you visit Cuba. It is made of

Live example